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Victoria's Secret Gift Card

This is a gift card made from the gorgeous pink stripe using the holiday colors of red and green. It is 6x4 in size and measures 2. 5 in height. It is a great addition to your gift giving list!

Deals for Victoria's Secret Gift Card

This is a beautiful box with a pink stripe down the front. It has victoria's secret labels on it and is covered in wrapping paper. It is perfect for the little one who loves to get gifts also.
This is a new gift card from victoria's secret that you will be able to use to purchase something from the store. It is perfect for those who love to buy things!
The victorias secret pink gift card is a fun and unique way for you to show your friends how much you care! This card has a hilarious collectible mint condition detail. It's a great gift for any birthday/birthday season!

Our oven-proof gift box is perfect for that special someone who loves nothing more than a good gift-giving gift. The pink stripe design gives this box just the touch of class that you need as a customer, and the panty box packaging is all over the place but411? s so popular! Why? because they keep adding new items, we just keep getting requests for more!